Modern Plant Stand 7"

Modern Plant Stand 7"


Fits up to 7” pot with 1/4” wiggle room, 10” tall.

All stands are made from birch and maple woods. Wood grain and color may vary. Each stand is hand painted with an oil base enamel.

 All plant stands have an exterior protective coating. Extended exposure to the elements is not recommended. A covered porch or balcony is a perfect outdoor spot!

Comes apart in two pieces. The simple design of the stands allows for ease of shipping, gifting and storing.

Try flipping the stand to play with heights and color!

Although detail is brought to the craftsmanship and quality, dropping the pieces may result in breakage. Please remove your plant when moving a plantstand to a new location.

Each stand is handcrafted and is shipped in a working pair. Mixing pieces may cause stands not to be level.

Finally, sizes are stamped on the inside of the cross bars. Remember the size is for the pot not the height of the stand.

Stands are made to order please allow 4-6 days for shipping.

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Hold On To Your Plants modern wooden plant stands, as featured on The Grommet