Single Air Plant Holder

Single Air Plant Holder


Air plant hanger made from recycled wood. They can hang from a push pin!

Make your own living wall! Includes one tillandsia (air plant). Comes in 6 color variations. Buy separate, in a pair, or a whole family! Plant replacement for life!

Easy to hang off a push pin or stand on a table.

Protected exterior top coat with oil enamel. 6”x2”x3/4”

There is an exterior coating so plants may be misted in place but it is always best to shake out excess water and place back in hanger dry. Remember less watering (maybe once a week or less) is best and always with non-treated water or water that has set out for an hour. Filtered light is best but certainly artificial light will suffice. I use a variety of tillandsia ionantha and ship it dry. I do offer replacement plants if you are worried about your chartreuse thumb!

You can find many websites and stores with information on tillandsia or air plants.

Information and policies subject to change.

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